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Top Actionable Strategies for Boosting Employee

Top Actionable Strategies for Boosting Employee

It is no secret that productive employees are a tremendous asset to the companies for which they work. A study proving employee value (officially the company’s assets) was confirmed by Gallup’s 2017 State of Global Workplace Report, which stated: Companies with highly engaged workforums up to 147% in earnings per share Performs better than their peers. Here are five strategies to increase employee productivity.

The Gallup report also states that only 15% of the global workforce is actively engaged in its work. On the other hand, the other 85% of professionals do not work to their full potential.

Companies with unproductive and disgruntled employees have to pay a heavy price – but you can increase the productivity of your employees.

According to the report, such companies are:

  1. High employee turnover
  2. More Quality Related Events
  3. Low customer satisfaction rate
  4. You want to do everything you can to keep employees productive. This post describes five workable strategies you can use to increase the productivity of your employees today.

1. Give them the right tools (and support).

A great way to help your employees become more productive is to equip them with the right tools – to ensure that they can do their jobs effectively.

Here are some of the tools you must provide to your employees:

Means of communication.

It is always a good idea to invest in high quality communication tools that help communication within and between teams. Here are some good ones:

Slack: Great for team chat. You can use it for one-on-one and group conversations.

Skype for Business: With the business version of Skype, you can share large files and conferences together up to 250 people.

Zoom: For small teams, Zoom is the perfect video conferencing tool.

Hangouts Chat: This is Google’s messaging application that supports native audio / video calls.
Collaboration tool.

You also want your teams to work together better on projects and tasks. Here are some tools that promote teamwork:

Hiver: For teams collaborating in managing email for support or anything else, Hiver is the perfect solution.

Top Actionable Strategies for Boosting Employee

Top Actionable Strategies for Boosting Employee

Basecamp: This app helps you to manage your company’s projects across all departments.

Asana: Asana is an app that helps you manage small tasks.

Trello: It allows you to make Kamban boards for almost any project. And each board can be shared with an entire team.

Cumin: For teams that use agile methodology, cumin is a great project management tool.

In addition to the right tools, you want to assist employees immediately when things don’t work the way they want to. The faster you solve their problems, the more productive they will be.

2. Harness the power of refresher training.

The current skill set of your employees may not be enough to do their best work for them. As such, you need to continuously invest time and resources to train them to become better at their jobs.

According to HR magazine:

There are many resources available at your disposal to train your current employees. However, the most effective resource is a competent employee who is already good at his job.

Since a subtly competent, competent employee already knows how to work on projects in your company – they can guide employees who need more training. Of course, to ensure that your employees are motivated to do so, you can tie this task to monetary incentives.

You can offer every employee who is successful in giving each other a small bonus.

Here are some other ways to train your employees:

An on-site trainer: You can hire a trainer and ask them to host educational or skills-based workshops for their employees.

A high quality online course: Many companies and professionals provide courses and consulting services online. You can buy these to help your employees improve their knowledge and skills. Websites like Udemy Coursera are a good place to start.

Tie up these training activities for demonstrations and reviews. This will ensure that all your employees attend the necessary training sessions voluntarily and enthusiastically.

With adequate training, employees will become more competent and efficient, resulting in more productive work in the work they do.

3. Build a workplace culture that promotes innovation.

To make your employees more productive, you need to create a workplace culture that speeds up productive thinking, rather than enhancing it.