Fri. Jan 24th, 2020


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Some mistakes we make when looking for work

In this article we are going to talk about the other option, not self-employment but working as an employee. If you have decided to look for work or have an interest in being part of a certain company you have to prepare yourself and go for it.

First, make yourself a good resume.

If you are starting and you do not have experience what is normal, you do not need to fill in “ everything you can ” including where you did primary and secondary (if you have a university degree we assume that you have all the above). Try to stick to the official and university degrees .

But in return, you can incorporate information that differentiates you as a professional: languages, volunteering, scholarships, papers, published articles, courses you have taken (whether or not they have to do with your profession). These additional data provide insight into the initiative and concerns that the person has.

– Advertising –

Ex: a nutritionist who has a cooking course is an added value, if you also speak English or have experience in customer service you are already differentiating yourself from the rest.

Do not be overwhelmed by the lack of experience and focus on what you can offer from now on. For example, I recently asked my heads of the PRONAF Center why they selected such young people knowing that they would not have experience, and they replied: “because they show that they want to learn and work, and that is what we need.” Experience is acquired over time, the predisposition comes from the factory.

Some mistakes we have all made or will make when making our curriculum

1.- A bad presentation :

This is important, you can find many tutorials on how to make a good CV. A sheet or two at the most, if it is more extensive I assure you that nobody is going to read it. Open an email account only for professional topics, clear and colorless letters, the important thing is the content. And please, no spelling mistakes!

2.- The chronological order :

This depends on the taste, it is usual to put the most current first, the important thing is to follow an order and be clear. But there is something in which I personally tend to fix much more, if a person has no experience or has been out of work for quite some time (which is common today) What have you been doing during that time?

That is, if you have not been working for a space of more than a year, let it be seen that you have not been in your arms and have used this time to update yourself in the form of courses, postgraduate courses, etc. Or, carrying out personal initiatives, volunteering, whatever.

3.- Send CV in spam mode .

If you are a company and you receive 50 daily mails in which only one attachment appears, would you read it? You must be selective, look for the company that interests you, find out about its activity and everything it does (that other professionals are part, who directs it, in which it specializes) and write a personalized letter explaining why you can fit with them and what What would you contribute.

Another option would be that the company in question does not have in itself a nutrition and dietary service, in that case they surely do not know what the issue is about or what it means to have a dietitian – nutritionist. You must explain why you think that your work or incorporating this service would benefit your company or business.

It is not necessary to throw flowers, many times a “I like what you do and I want to learn how to do it” or “I have an idea and I think I could carry it out within your company”. But above all, and returning to the example before, you are willing to work hard.