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Just Wait Till Next Year

Just Wait Till Next Year

For the past 15 years I have written year-end articles about where we are and we are moving to CRM and more broadly into Tech. This year, as I went through the pieces I wrote, it struck me that key topics that are important in 2019 will be equally important in 2020.

There are many clusters of things in my mind that have sticking power.

The Big Story: Platform

Everything I’ve seen suggests that the platform will be a bigger story than before, and there are similarities between the emergence of cloud computing and the emergence of the platform 20 years ago.

Most people remembered the importance of the cloud for a long time, seeing it as an alternative delivery mechanism and not the revolutionary and powerful force it is today.

Platform is because it makes software flexible rather than brittle, and is therefore the driving force of business agility. It is also the point that most enterprises miss in their headlog rush for digital disruption.

Be aware that “disruption” itself has no positive or negative connotations, but moving to digital disruption without a solid understanding of the importance of the platform is likely to create negative associations.

I based this on research sponsored by Joho. Viewing vendors include Zoho, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft.

A Great Deal: DevOps

Most CRM consumers do not have much knowledge of dev ops, which is an approach that merges management tools and technologies with culture and development strategies.

A development organization larger than about 50 people may struggle to keep sandboxes, orges, and should synchronize and release operations, as I think I did for Copado, which focused on Salesforce Lightning.

Successful enterprises using DevOps can modify and release their core business software – none of the next week or next month’s stuff. So DevOps is a big thing and will only be big. You need to support your digital interruption and your platform.

One good thing: API integration

I don’t know how old API integration is, but companies like MuleSoft have some cool stuff that makes integration easier on anything but one platform. I think you need to support DevOps and my pet project, Information Utility.

When you can reasonably expect a vendor to buy all the software in your enterprise and the time has passed to integrate it seamlessly. In fact, it is unclear if the time was ever real. In a heterogeneous software world, faster, quicker integration is a necessity, so this will become more important.

A Money Making Opportunity: Information Utility

This is my hobby horse – every analyst has one, I think. I will try to be brief. As we are moving into a heterogeneous future, we are converting on the development of the ultimate technology, an information utility.

Information is so important for modern life that everyone should have access to it, and it should be fast, almost free and uninterrupted. Some other topics on my list include this – for example, platform and API integration.

The utility is one of the biggest money-making opportunities at Tech since the emergence of SQL and relational databases. It is also needed.

Note that there is a difference between data and information and some data model concepts that we have used for a long time can inspire ideas like an information model, but they are different and require their own rules is. In that, the utility will look more like SQL.

Mind Meeting: JEDI

The end of this year saw the end of one of the most torture procurement processes the federal government has seen in computing, a US $ 10 billion, 10-year purchase of cloud computing for the Pentagon.

Microsoft won in a process marked by a lawsuit brought by claimants like Oracle, but here is a surprise. I don’t think Microsoft will deliver the entire project alone, simply because there are many other great technologies that can contribute. Microsoft, I think, will eventually act more like a major contractor than a sole award winner.

Just Wait Till Next Year

Just Wait Till Next Year

Past similar government procurement has served to introduce key aspects of the tech industry. For example, government purchases from Oracle for RDBMS technology helped one of the key factors of modern computing.

Today, I think that some meetings of mind between JEDI and the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Amazon, may be important for the formation of standards that drive information usability. But what do I know? I am just an analyst.

Declining Returns: Social Media

We are in a difficult time with social media, in this way advertising is made due to the business model, not just technology. The model needs to change – and with it the organization of companies and what they do for stakeholders.

Just Wait Till Next Year