Fri. Jan 24th, 2020


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An Effective Percussion Massager

An Effective Percussion Massager

Recently, I tried Theragun Massage to help with sore muscles and sciatica. Then, someone brought the Hyperus Hypervolt to our office, so I also had to try to see how it performed. Here is my review of Hyperis Hypervolt, which is also a percussion massage.

About Hypervis Hypervolt

HyperIce HyperVolt is a handheld massager used to activate, soak, or loosen the daily lives of exercise, injury, or everyday tech workers who sit at their desks for too long. Increasing the speed and circulation of a person is to reduce stiffness and soreness.

How does hyperise hypervolt work

HyperIce HyperVolt has a powerful high-torque motor. It offers the Quiet Glide ™ technology, which makes it operate at a much calmer level than the average handheld massager. Massage uses percussion therapy. Therapy focuses on constantly hitting a certain area of ​​the body to effectively target and loosen that muscle.

The Hypervolt has a hard plastic exterior with a removable battery. It has a medium ball head for full body use and large muscle groups. Moist is for the use of the entire body, especially the legs, chest, hips and butt. Bullet attachments should be used at trigger points such as ankles, hands and feet. The fork is an attachment that focuses on the legs and the scapula.

Why i like hypervolt

It is a cool, light-handed massage that has a variety of attachments to use for different parts of the body. Wherever you go, it is easy to use and carry with you.

One of the best features is its built-in pressure sensor technology. It provides visual feedback to let you know if you are using it correctly and what kind of effect it has on your muscles.

An Effective Percussion Massager

An Effective Percussion Massager2

The battery lasts for three hours on one charge, which is one hour more than the Theragun. There is an auxiliary LED light that also tells you when the battery is ready for recharging.

Hypervolt correction

This percussion massage is accompanied by its heavy design and non-adjustable angles. It is also not a travel bag as Theragun offers. Although it is about $ 50 cheaper than Theragun, it is still a costly investment for the average person.

In the box

You get a massage, an applicator set, a wall charger and a battery.

Where to buy HyperVolt

Priced at $ 349, you can purchase HyperVolt from the company’s website. Other retailers include Rogue Health, Amazon and Best Buy.

Overall idea

I enjoyed using this percussion massage and realized that it worked well. However, I am keeping my Theragun as it had more attachments and accessories. In terms of massage, I felt that Theregun also did a better job of going deeper into my muscles and was a life partner for my sciatica.

If I had not already bought Theraguna, I would have probably tried it and liked the result. For others in the office, my colleague, who owns it, unanimously agreed that it provided relief from soreness, cramps, and muscle stiffness.