7 keys for the mornings of the smallest of the house

Sometimes due to lack of time or poor planning , children end up taking a package of cookies and juice to school, a bad habit that we should avoid anyway. For this, I will tell you the 7 keys to a healthy mid-morning

1. What should the mid-morning snack that the child takes to school contain?

The important thing is that the diet as a whole is balanced, varied and sufficient , therefore, the right thing to take in the middle of the morning will also depend on the intake in the rest of the day . But, in general, guidelines can be marked. Mid-morning is the meal that serves to finish complementing the morning (VERY IMPORTANT THAT BREAKFAST OUT OF HOME!) And give the child enough energy to continue in their activities, avoiding so many hours of fasting.

It should be formed by:

  • Food rich in carbohydrates: usually snack for the ease of taking it to school. Make sausages like cooked ham, turkey, ham … And leave the chorizo, sausage, mortadella, sausage … for occasional situations.
  • Food rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals: a fruit is the best option.
  • It can be supplemented with a dairy without added sugar (yogurt, milk, drunk yogurt, cheese …). Very important to meet the needs of Calcium in those ages.

2. Is it better to bring fruit or juice?

juice or fruit

A juice does not have the same nutritional value as a fruit . The juice contains the sugar of 2-3 pieces of fruit but less fiber, vitamins, minerals … (Since it does not contain the pulp of the fruit). Therefore, leave the juices to be taken occasionally and better to make the piece of fruit whole, washed and with skin. Thus, it will satisfy you more too.  It is very important to vary the type of fruit, the possibilities are endless!

3. How much snack is adequate?

The amounts depend on the energy needs of each child, which in turn are of an individual nature since they depend on age, sex, weight, exercise and climate. Therefore, making a general recommendation for all ages is difficult, one thing that can help us is to pay attention to your feeling of satiety. You should not stay hungry, but not too full (or not eat at noon).

4. Bread: is bar or mold better? Why?


Both the loaf of bread and the bread contain the same basic ingredients (flour, salt, water and yeast), but the bread , to get its texture, taste and keep it longer, is added to Your recipe: sugar, fats and additives . With these additives it becomes a less healthy bread than the traditional one, therefore, it should be consumed less frequently. 

5. What products should you never carry in your backpack for lunch?

Foods to use in special situations, only occasionally: sweets, pastries, cookies, soft drinks, snacks, milk shakes, potato chips, goodies, candies, cakes …. They are superfluous products , rich in refined sugar, salt, unhealthy fats and, against them, with few vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients.

Also avoid pates and butter.

6. So, what can I make my child’s snack?

Ideally, plan mid-morning and give the child the maximum possible variety within healthy options.

Here you have 7 ideas that you can give them, all delicious !:

  • Day 1: Fresh cheese sandwich with honey, quince or jam. With 2 tangerines
  • Day 2: Canned tuna sandwich with tomato slices With 1 banana
  • Day 3: Turkey sandwich + lettuce + cucumber With 2 kiwis
  • Day 4: Avocado sandwich + tomato + green leaves (lettuce, escarole, spinach, green sprouts …), with salt and black pepper to taste. With 3 plums
  • Day 5: Hard boiled egg + lettuce. With 3 figs
  • Day 6: Fresh cheese sandwich with canons and cherry tomato cut in half. With 1 pear
  • Day 7: Very thin sliced ​​apple sandwich + canons + Modena vinegar. With 1 peach

7. And the little ones who eat at 12, how do we manage it?

The child who eats at 12h, should make breakfast at home when getting up (like all other children) and then in the case that they spend approximately 3h you can eat directly. In the case that breakfast was earlier, in the middle of the morning you can make a serving of fruit and, thus, you would be hungry for the meal at 12 noon. In these cases I would advise to make 2 snacks so that there were not many hours of fasting between lunch and dinner.


Do not forget that the habits that your children take in childhood will mark their adult habits and the possibility of having a healthy life or, against it, being more likely to have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, overweight or even obesity.

And the snacks?

Here is an article on how to prepare healthy snacks for children . And you also have the video of my companions Laia and Jéssica to prepare healthy snacks, easy and fast.


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